Bob and Doris Darrow

My Roots

These Are My Parents,
Bob and Doris Darrow

They were married March 19, 1949, and loved each other to the day my father passed away, June 27, 2005.

Really! They loved each other all their lives!

Okay. See that smile on my dad's face? He was hardly able to do that when I was a teenager.

"Why?" you ask?

Because he had me as a teenage son. I made it hard on him.

See that gray hair on his head?

I did that.

And yes, we all know he looked like Pat Robertson.

Now, my mom... See her hair? I think she did that to herself.

Oh, sure, I was just as much trouble to her as I was to my dad—but I think moms have a magical way of getting through that stuff better than dads. I dunno.

Anyway, she used to, on a whim, rearrange the furniture in the house.

All of it.

In one day.

By herself.

And that included our baby-grand piano. She could move that thing by herself into another room that had a doorway smaller than the piano.

We found the piano in the pantry once.

And we didn't have a pantry.

I have two older sisters.

So my younger brother John and I learned a lot about women and their "moods" when we were young.

But for years, we thought PMS stood for Piano-Moving Syndrome. | all content ©2005 david r. darrow