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Other Artists

Morgan Weistling - (Painting at left) One of America's greatest, young Oil Painters and a great friend of mine. You really should see his site when you can take the time to look around.

Scott Burdick - Scott's work has been on my must-see list since I was first pointed to his site. His wife, Susan Lyon, though, has captured my attention because of her incredible growth and artistic maturity. Looking at her earlier work, which is very competent, one can see her growth from good painter, to world-class fine artist.

Matt Smith - He is one of the most prolific painters around. His values and colors are astounding - his style more than enviable.

Randy Hasson - a Caligraphic Master who combines painting and extraordinary layered messages in a variety of lettering styles.

Karin Jurick - An East-Coaster who paints gorgeous little paintings every day!

Jonathan Hardesty - A guy with no known artistic interest until 2002 who decided one day it would be cooler to be a concept artist for video games than doing his day job at an office. He set out with nothing but drive and zero talent, and learned along the way how to paint beautiful, tasteful paintings. All this in just 3 years. Amazing. He change my mind about a person having to have artistic gifting. He had none, and learned it all through hard work and strong will.

Dan Gerhartz - If you have never heard of this fellow, you must see his work.

Other Favorites: Neil James HollingsworthKay CrainGladys Rolan-DeMorasEdward B GordonMick McGintyFawn McNeillJelaine FaunceVivienne St. ClaireDenise RichIrene RencsiSarah TrefnyLisa Gloria

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