Who Is David R. Darrow?

Fine Focus

The Shape of Things to Come

Seriously though, my mother remembers me regularly sitting around for two or more hours at the age of two and a half, drawing or putting together jigsaw puzzles. She says I always did puzzles by shape, not color.

I had to do it that way. It was so dark in the box in which they put me when I was bad.

Just kidding.

There was just enough light from the feeding slot at the bottom of the door.

Just kidding.

It wasn't enough light.

It All Started When...

In second grade, age 7, my favorite grade school teacher ever, Kay Davidson, stood behind me and complimented me on my beautiful choice of colors in the geometric compass art on which I was working. This had a profound impact on me. So much so that I looked her up when I was attending Art Center just to tell her that I had followed the dream she had encouraged.

Really, I have been all about art ever since.

You've Gotten This Far...

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